Le Monde de Designers Guild


JUNE 2018

As we move into the height of summer, natures hues around us increase their vibrancy whether its the shade of green from fresh cut grass or the intense fuchsia from blooming peonies.

This month we embrace our brights - everyone of these shades on its own is strong and full of character, yet their natural exuberance is kept in check with always having an emphasis of white within the palette - our Brera Moda plain linen fabric is the perfect base layer to any scheme.

Our signature ombre takes a new turn this season - Savoie - with an added element of 2 tonal shades within the design.

The palettes success depends on the careful balance of all these aspects, as well as harnessing pattern to a minimum and by keeping the shades tonal, so that not one hue dominates.

Why not embrace the summer brights in these warm months!

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