Le Monde de Designers Guild


MAY 2017

Somewhere between the lush vitality of green and the dreamy intensity of blue lies a group of colours whose presence is altogether more mysterious and harder to define than either of their primary sources.Tones in this fresh group of hues take their names and inspiration from the watery elements that they conjure up: ocean, sea spray, aqua, sea foam and glass evoke a crystal clear delicacy that is as timeless as the oceans themselves and reminding us of summer.

Add to that this seasons trend 'Petal effect' (where we will delve further over the coming weeks) of summer petals, with our 'Faience' floral fabric print of wonderful expressive painterly flowers. With a vivid cool cornflower blue ground and splashes of bright pink in the flowers set among inky leaves and foliage.

This combination of cool and warm hues evokes a sense of tranquility and reminds us that summer is in sight.

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