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Le Monde de Designers Guild

Easter table decor ideas

Spring is officially here and with Easter around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about those special gatherings for friends and family.

Set the table with beautiful linens, flowers and candles – every detail makes the difference and helps you create the perfect atmosphere.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas for making memorable celebratory meals.

• Pick your palette – our range of Lario pure linen tablelinen allows you to layer up the colours and make each setting personal and individual. Mix up large place mats, runners , small placemats and napkins in different shades for a structured, yet lively mix. (Sold in sets online or individually at our stores.)

• Add a pattern – add in a pattern to punctuate the plains – we love our marbled Delahaye as they have so many colours within each colourway that there are many options for plains. Our friends at Collagerie love our Saliya in Emerald – a crisp gingham with a gorgeous turquoise detail. And when the weather really warms up – there is nothing better than the informal Madras checks of Madrasi.

• Plates and bowls – designed in our studio and lovingly created in Amalfi for us by the Solimene family – these plates and bowls are legendary among our customers who love collecting new pieces to mix in. they bring a unique spirit to your table. Of ocurse for the minimal among y u- the delicate beauty of Piet Boone is hard to beat.

• Chin chin!- Our range of glasses allow you to go formal or informal. Add a dash of colour with our Bambus range or the Soleils tumblers or make a striking statement with the stylish cobalt blue of Deco and Murano. Mix up your flutes and tumblers to vary the height. Or let the texture do the talking with Zinc and Perigord in sparkling clear glass.

• Forks and knives and spoons - the Brick Lane range is classic and contemporary all at once .. and did you know the coolest tables are dressed in gold this spring?

• Outside in – Flowers make everything better , but arrangements don’t need to be big and elaborate. A few springs , leaves and buds herald the change of season best in our view and make for a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The Helena bud vases are gorgeous for dotting around the table and could link to a larger display elsewhere too. For clear glass – the piccolo hand blown bud vase is gorgeous.

• Light a candle - Our simple steel candle holders come in cobalt, emerald, fuchsia and white and are lovely and low s which makes for easy conversation with your fellow diners! Our gently scented dining candles add another layer to your atmosphere while the plain beauty of our simple rustic candles are gorgeous too.

Have a wonderful celebration – now for the cooking!

Happy Sunday

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