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Le Monde de Designers Guild

DG at Home | In the garden with Arne Maynard

This week’s House Guest is garden designer Arne Maynard.

“Arne Maynard has been at the forefront of Garden Design for over thirty years and as a friend, client and collaborator, I am thrilled that he is here to share a touch of his extraordinary expertise and talent.” Tricia Guild.

As spring advances, how do you personally blur the boundaries between your inside and outside spaces?

"While we wait for it to be warm enough to eat outside, I love enjoying my first coffee of the day in the courtyard at the front of the house. We have an Alison Crowther bench just outside the front door at Allt y bela that catches the morning sun, and from there I can watch the birds come and go from the crab apple feeders and soak up the first light of the day. In addition to ensuring we have a steady supply of cut flowers and blossom branches for the house, I also love growing special spring bulbs and other treasures in pots close to the house to enjoy daily while they flower."

How can one express their personality in their outdoor space?

"There are so many ways to express your personality in your garden or outside space. Colour is a huge influence on our choice of plants and trees and is a great place to start. I also like to study the interior style of any client’s house before I begin designing the garden. Choice of fabrics and furniture style all provide inspiration for how views in the garden can be constructed and framed. I also like to ask about particular pieces of art or favourite ceramics that might inspire planting combinations."

If one has limited outdoor space e.g balcony – what would you grow?

"A few well-planned pots or planters can provide colour and perfume throughout the year. Spring bulbs are a must and I would recommend a combination of fritilarias, tulips, leucojum and erythronium for something a little different. Smaller pots of special snowdrops, crocus or narcissus are also really beautiful in early spring. Once the early bulbs have gone over, you can add salvias, cosmos, oriental poppies and ornamental grasses to the same pots for a frothy summery display that will take you right up until September."

What are your go-to jobs in the garden during May?

"May is a great time to plant out kitchen garden seedlings that you have been bringing on in the greenhouse, or on windowsills. There may still be a few frosts this month so it’s worth keeping an eye on the forecast for your area and doing this when you’re sure the danger of frost has passed. Paeonies come into their own in May, so keep an eye on blooms and I recommending cutting regularly for displays in the house to encourage more flowers on the plant."

Arne’s top 3 DG products:

- "I love to eat outside, even before there is enough warmth to make it perfectly comfortable. A throw like the Katan throw allows for lingering just that little bit longer in the summer or sitting out earlier in the year."

- "There is nothing nicer than bringing precious bulbs and small plants into the house to enjoy their moment of glory at close quarters. The textured soft grey of this oval concrete planter is the perfect foil for so many different plants."

- "For total comfort I’d add a handful the gorgeous Brera Lino linen cushions in each of our rattan outdoor chairs and because they work so well on the sofas in the snug as well, they could happily migrate between inside and outside, just as I do!"

Arne Maynard.

Discover more about Arne and his work, as well as his latest book here.

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Arne Maynard images provided and credited to: Britt Willough and William Collinson.