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Le Monde de Designers Guild

DG AT HOME | The turn of the season

DG AT HOME | The turn of the season

“Comfort, solace, luxury and refuge are our new watchwords and infuse a new season ahead. Despite the huge upheaval and uncertainty of recent months, there is still much to look forward to and treasure as we anticipate the future with hope.

As the lines between work and home have become blurred, our homes have become even more vital – havens as well as homes and a place where we can truly relax and be ourselves.

There is something quite special about this time of year – as the light is shifting and the days are shortening, it is the ideal time for a refreshed take on the season ahead in comfort and cosseting luxury.

This season, we introduce a truly beautiful collection of home accessories. Taking our cue from some of our most favourite and popular designs and introducing them in the form of bedlinen, cushions, rugs and throws.

The palette of amber and saffron, spice and hot pink evokes richness and these Indian Summer tones - (inspired by our visit to Gravetye Manor in Sussex) feature not only in our latest collections but in our paint ranges too." Tricia Guild

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