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Our Indian Sunflower wallpaper design is a sweeping scene of Indian sunflowers, zinnias and botanicals brought to life via vibrant colour.
Digitally printed onto a matt non-woven paper, it emulates the design to be quite soft even with such a strong colour palette.

The charcoal background creates a soft and restful mood, with the design fading into its complete graphite ground. This design is very versatile depending on which room you would like to use it in, if using in a hallway/dining room space, you may want to elevate the brighter tones within the wallpaper with our River Reed paint shade - An earthy yellow based mid tone of green, that will draw out those chartreuse tones within the design.

If wanting to create something a little more moodier for the bedroom/living room, enhance those rich tones within the design with our Melanzane paint shade - Rich and sensuous aubergine, bringing warmth to a space.

Whatever your space, our Indian Sunflower wallpaper design offers an array of possibilities for multiple areas within the home.

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