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Trend: Midnight garden
Moodboard: Midnight Garden
The Paint edit: Forties blue
The Paint edit: Principle Pigments



This season we introduce 2 new dramatically dark paint shades to add to our 154 existing paint shades. Poivre Noir and Black Ink.

Poivre Noir - Just a few shades short of pure black – a warm , soft shade of black pepper. Black Ink - The definitive graphic black.

Both bringing a sense of gravity to the interior, these shades will make a space feel richer and more dramatic whilst retaining a masculine edge. Bring in colour or pattern to add detail - our Delft Flower grande wallpaper works beautifully with our new paint shades - A large scale painterly design of large floral blooms in a rich palette on, gloriously fabric like non-woven ground for ease of hanging.

Embrace the dramatically dark for Winter - Black is back!

Discover our paint shades here.

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