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Le Monde de Designers Guild

Out of the blue exhibition series


As London begins to open up and we start to think about venturing out a bit more this month, there are still many that will be unable to make the journey to visit our exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum.

So, we wanted to bring a glimpse of our ‘Out of the blue’ exhibition to you - to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing spotlights from our journey over five decades of design.

Starting life in a small section of a single shop in Chelsea’s Kings Road in 1970 - Designers Guild has since evolved and grown into a global enterprise, changing the way in which people view colour, pattern and texture in their homes.

Designers Guild was founded by Tricia Guild OBE and her distinctive and creative approach to interiors has consistently pushed boundaries, defined tastes and set styles.

Today, the company is headed and owned by brother and sister - Tricia Guild, Founder and Creative Director; and Simon Jeffreys, Group Chief Executive.

Frustrated with the lack of truly contemporary fabrics and wallpapers for interiors, Tricia’s vision was to create a lifestyle.

Tricia showed people how put the different elements of room together; how colour, pattern, texture and form can combine to create a harmonious space.

Discover how part of the journey began over the coming weeks.

Explore our 'Out of the blue' gift shop.

Head to the Fashion and Textile Museum for more info - exhibition running until 21st February 2021.