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Le Monde de Designers Guild

The Paint edit: The Golden Age


As nature opens its annual paint box in a stunning array of tones from burnt orange, rich ochres to deep reds and olive greens we can see Autumn has very much arrived. This month we bring natures hues into the home.

Fenouil, Giardino and Alchemilla shades from our paint collection, work fantastic with neutrals such as charcoal and stone - these monochrome partners work well with a vibrant moss shade such as our Greenage paint shade, which adds vitality and personality to a room without overpowering.

Our Delft Flower grande wallpaper in tuberose works beautifully with these paint hues as well. A large scale and stunning rendering of our Delft Flower print design on gloriously fabric like non-woven ground for ease of hanging. Masterful painterly brushstrokes depict Autumnal blooms with dramatic chalky textural backgrounds, which you can bring out in a room and enhance even more with our neutral paints shades.

Alternatively if wanting to keep pattern to a minimum, why not introduce texture to your walls with our Kyushu wallpaper - This beautiful, contemporary wallpaper creates a tactile finish and exudes versatility.

The palette is neither overtly masculine nor feminine but could be taken further in either direction; increase and strengthen the grey for a more masculine take.

Explore our paint shades here.