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A rug is often a focal point in a room, and proper care and maintenance will increase its longevity. To best care for your rug, we recommend that you lightly vacuum it on a regular basis using the nozzle attachment. Please take care to avoid using brush attachments since these can harm the rug fibres. Remember to always vacuum in the direction of the pile.

We always recommend treating your rug with our bespoke extra rug protection and cleaning by a specialist rug cleaner. However, if a spillage occurs, blot immediately with a clean dry white cloth, making sure not to rub the spillage into the pile. Do not use harsh detergent. It is important not to walk or place items on the rug until it is completely dry to prevent lasting damage.

To prevent rugs from slipping we recommend that you use a rug hold underlay.


We have worked with Ace Carpet Cleaning Ltd for many years and highly recommend them for the cleaning and maintenance of Designers Guild rugs, upholstery and curtains. Please visit their website for more details. Please note Designers Guild is not responsible for any work done by Ace Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

Ace Carpet Cleaning Ltd
London: 020 7820 0108
Kent: 019 5954 1325
Surrey & Essex: 018 8334 1653


Please note that over time rug colours may fade, particularly under the influence of exposure to a strong natural light source/UV radiation. Rug fading is dependent on the amount of light exposure and the usage of the carpet.


Due to the nature of our handmade rugs, you may experience loose fibres which can be easily removed by gentle vacuuming with the nozzle attachment.

Some continued shedding is a normal characteristic that diminishes after initial use. Loose threads should not be pulled but cut with sharp scissors at pile height.

Please note that pile shedding does not affect the life of a rug.


You may experience an initial odour from your rug. This is normal for new product and once aired it will reduce significantly over time.


We recommend that you turn your rug regularly to ensure even wear. Any movement in the pile or pressure marking is normal and should be expected, especially in high traffic areas.

Furniture feet will create indentations on any rug pile. To help reduce marking, regularly rotate furniture and any other heavy objects when possible. To help recover the pile, lift the pile using a fine comb. We recommend using furniture pads to help reduce pressure marks.


The process by which a rug is cleaned is entirely dependent on the composition of the rug, so it is important that the cleaning guidelines are followed.

In all instances we recommend that you use a professional rug cleaner, however should a spillage or stain occur, the below information will reduce the chance of a lasting stain.


Due to the nature of viscose and rayon yarns, you may notice lasting distortion of the pile after liquid spillages. These fibres are plant based, and despite achieving an incredible shine, are very delicate.

Tencel ® Lyocell and Polyester rugs are known for superior quality and greater resistance to water marking, however there are still times when a quick response is needed to save your rug from a spillage and you need to clean the carpet yourselF.

Using a clean white cloth or paper towel absorb the spill, gently blotting the area starting from the edge of the spot and working your way to the centre. Be careful not to rub. Once the liquid has been blotted, use a clean cloth lightly dampened by water to dab the stain as much as possible. If possible, use a fine comb to raise the pile in direction with the remainder of the rug pile. Try to dry the pile with a low-heat hairdryer whilst continuing to comb as quickly as possible.

It is important not to walk or place items on the rug until it is completely dry as this can lead to permanent marking. Finally, gently vacuum using the nozzle attachment.


Wool fibres have their own natural thin, protective layer. This allows wool to repel dirt which gives you the opportunity to act if a spillage occurs on your rug.

Diluted mild detergent may help in removing stubborn stains, however we always recommend using a professional rug cleaner.


Digital printing and screen printing is a process which achieves the highest quality print detail.

To deal with spillages, soak up as much of the liquid or substance as possible working from the edge to the centre of the spot. Clean the area lightly with a clean damp cloth or white absorbent paper dabbing only, without rubbing or scrubbing and leave to dry.

Please note that failure to act may result in colour fading.


Made from a specialist PET polyester yarn, these zero pile rugs are easy to clean, lightweight and reversible. Ideal for any floor that might be susceptible to high traffic or getting wet, as well as being great for outdoor use.

As with all our outdoor furnishings, please note that these rugs should not be left outside in the elements or in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and care should be taken to dry out the rug should it get soaking wet.

Please ensure that both the rug and the area where it will be placed are dry before placing the rug.

To ensure safety and to prevent slipping, we recommend the use of a rug hold regardless of the flooring on which the rug is placed.

Regular gentle vacuuming is recommended using the nozzle attachment, and the occasional gentle shake will keep these rugs looking their best.

To remove dirt or spillages, spot clean by mixing a solution of water and mild soap. With a clean white cloth, gently blot from the outside of the spill to the interior to prevent spreading.

Alternatively, rinse with an outdoor hose, and hang until thoroughly dry. Do not machine wash or machine dry, and do not use bleach.

This specialist PET polyester yarn can be recycled where facilities allow.

Please note that the scale of the rug artwork may vary between sizes and may differ slightly from the image shown in the brochure.

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