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When some of you think Designers Guild, you may well think bold, bright colours and exuberant florals…and you would be right or rather half right. There is a whole other side to DG that is in fact quite the opposite - sleek, tailored, textural and often neutral. This month on the blog we want to take a closer look at this other side and show you just how plain and neutral we can be.

Inspiration for this season originated from the elegance of Parisian Haute Couture from the early 50’s. This was the era when fashion took on a whole new dynamic - with glamorous fabrics such as silk, brocade and taffeta that signified a radical departure from the austerity of the post war years. Christian Dior created the “New Look” and along with designers like Balenciaga and Fath, there was a note of optimism and joy following the depressive war years.

Taking our lead from this, our new Grey Cloth weaves and Marquisette wallpapers reflect these influences creating a soft and muted colour palette of abstract patterns, as well as an addition of subtle beaded effects for textural detail.

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