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APRIL 2016

Decorating with Floral wallpapers
Floral wallpapers are an easy way to instantly add colour and decoration within a space, and yet 'floral' doesn't always mean colour and highly patterned - there are plenty of monochromatic and more pared back, contemporary designs available too. Before you we share our top tips for embracing the beauty of floral designs on the walls of your home:

Smaller spaces can take larger scale!
Don’t believe the myth that smaller spaces means no pattern or colour as the result is often a dull and uninspiring - yet still small space. Why not bring personality and interest and create a jewel box of a room - a wonderful surprise waiting to be discovered behind the door.

Floral designs offer much versatility with your colour palette.
With highly coloured and vivacious designs, simply choose your favourite colours from within the design and highlight those in your choice of fabrics and accessories in the rest of the room. This will bring the whole scheme together beautifully.

Floral doesn't have to equal colour.
If you love flowers, but want a more understated space, simply choose a less colourful design –in a monochromatic palette, or try a more geometric style with our Linnaeus design.

Want to make a fabulous display for your favourite artwork and prints?
Wallpapering the wall behind artwork will create a real focal point and give impact. As a general guide monochromatic designs are easier to use, as they will conflict less with the style of prints and paintings you choose to display.

Love the pattern, but still nervous?
If you are a little unsure about using the wallpaper across the whole room or a complete wall, why not try the wall with a door or windows; this will automatically break up the pattern.

For further inspiration view our range of floral wallpapers and why not try a sample this weekend?

Images taken from our Pinterest board #dgyourpsace

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