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Indigo is such an evocative colour, soothing, earthy, and truly mysterious. Is it blue or is it black? It falls somewhere in the middle, the penultimate colour of the rainbow spectrum.
India is believed to be the oldest centre of indigo dyeing and it was a primary supplier of indigo dye, which was created from the Indian plant ‘Indigofera tinctoria’ and brought to Europe by Marco Polo in the thirteenth century. Used by the Greeks and the Romans, the word indigo has existed in English since the 13th century.

It is the shade found in cool faded denim, inky calligraphy and brooding skies, it is a colour that permeates through our daily life, almost without being noticed. How many of us pull on our favourite pair of jeans on in the morning without recognising this colour choice?

There is a hand dyed quality to a real indigo, one that can lend itself to a more relaxed feel within interiors – just think of a tumbled linen, chunky chenille or floating voile in a washed indigo shade.

It is also the perfect addition to the brighter and more dramatic shades of blue such as cobalt, turquoise and the luminosity of petrol blue, working within a blue palette – bringing a sense of serenity and calm.

It looks wonderful with grey and white, and is a warmer alternative to black, lending a room a softly tailored edge, without being overly graphic. Check out our Moselle collection for some really amazing indigos. Consider it as a neutral and use it to pull a room together.

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