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DG AT HOME | How to find inspiration

JUNE 2020


“Inspiration is everywhere – it can be found within a photograph, a piece of art, it could be a document or some flowers from the garden. It just has to be something that feels right for that moment, in that moment.

Visual arts, theatre, opera, architecture and my travels around the world (those were the days!) infuse my vision. Italy too – it’s architecture, Renaissance painting and landscape, gardening and the growing and cooking of food – have always filled my life and my work with inspiration.

I am a firm believer in the idea that you are what you see. If we open our eyes to the world around us, we cultivate a sense of the beauty that surrounds us and we subconsciously train ourselves to edit what we like and what we don’t, thereby establishing our own sense of style and colour. There is nothing more satisfying than a living space that feels unique to you.

Our aim at Designers Guild is to share that sense of unadulterated joy one feels when contemplating a glorious landscape or perhaps a work of art that touches you deeply. To imbue one’s home with the same expression and personality is to harness the power of colour in your own way. It is a quest that will always excite and energise me.

Discover where I find inspiration in London as part of the Dropped pins series with The Outnet.

You have to find the seed, the starting point and that's the most difficult part but it’s so rewarding when you finally do and your look finally starts to come together.” Tricia Guild

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