Moodboard: Earth tones

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Inspired by the soothing shades of the natural world, our Earth Tones paint collection is rich yet delicate, featuring subtle greys, neutral stone and quartz.

In this mood board we look closely at our EARTH tones within our 28 new paint shades. Soft shades of chalk and rose, stone and tile that fulfil a feminine and confident purpose. In this group of hues they have a wonderful chalky depth - making them a sound choice for bedrooms for their resting properties. Move deeper into our Earth shades and the colour intensifies with warm terracotta tones - perfect for more practical areas in the home - kitchen/dining or hallways creating a striking impact.

Paired beautifully with our wallpapers, patterned and plain fabrics to complete the look.

Each of our paints are water-based and are low or very low in VOCs, making them a responsible, ecologically sound choice.

Available in-store, online or with your local stockist.

View our Earth tones range here.

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