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MARCH 2017

Finding the right tone is everything with a neutral group, but subtle nuances can dramatically transform a space. This season we have introduced a ‘new neutral’ to work within our collections - buttermilk. A touch warmer than ivory, makes this hue easy to work with and use within the home.

Our ‘Palissy Grande' fabric design has wonderful touches of buttermilk within it, complemented with hints of soft pink evoking a romantic appeal. Pair it with our ‘London Dove' paint shade and the space will become more tailored. Textures can also add another dimension such as our faux leather ‘Matara' - a smart naturalist grain with a soft handle and a suede reverse. Incredibly hard wearing and perfect for upholstery use.

What’s great about using a neutral is that you can add elements, transforming it from a monotone mood to a space with feeling.

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