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Guest blog: Blueberry Living & Co

JUNE 2018

This month our guest blog is with Brazilian Interior Designer Ju De Paula of Blueberry Living & Co - an avid lover of DG who has decorated her home in many of our fabrics, wallpapers & accessories - explore how she's used DG in her home in our next blog post.

We have recently worked together on an exciting project where she used our DG paint and wallpaper to renovate her stairway. We asked her about the renovation experience:

Tell us why you love to use DG in your home?

I absolutely love using DG in our home because DG products have a feel-good vibe to them. Also, the colours and patterns are SO unique and work so well together, making super easy to create schemes that are special and full of soul.

What is your favourite aspect of DG?

Honestly... I adore all the aspects of DG but I’m wallpaper girl... so if I had to pick one, it would be the incredibly gorgeous wallpapers as they usually are the ones that create a huge impact when entering a room but fabrics are a close second.

What is your favourite design/item from DG?

My absolutely favourite is the stunning Aubriet wallpaper in my office, I can feel the creative energy bubbling every time I walk in... those gorgeous flowers never fail to put a smile on my face!

You have recently renovated your hallway with DG’s latest designs – tell us how you decided to use these particular designs?

I fell in love with the Proserpine throw, so I ended up creating the whole scheme around it, picking the colours from it and working them around the room.

The Savoie fuchsia wallpaper was the perfect choice to use as a backdrop for the throw, as it picks the same colours from some of the flowers on it… just beautiful!

For the wall paint I chose Sugared Almond for upstairs, it’s a very soft colour and it has completely transformed our walls… it really is the perfect balance between airy + cosy.

The dark walls downstairs really needed to look brighter and the Alchemilla paint colour was a perfect choice, as it’s a mix of green and yellow, it’s really fresh. Now even when the front door is closed that wall still feels bright!

And for the stairs, I painted a runner in First Blush floor paint as it picks one of the shades from the wallpaper and ties the whole scheme together!

How did you find using our paint?

I was so impressed with the quality and coverage of the paint, it was super creamy and easy to apply, dried very quickly and the best part was that it didn’t have that strong smell of paint! Plus the selection of colours is just stunning!

See the renovation video here.