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Guest blog: Sacha Walckhoff

APRIL 2018

After working & collaborating with Sacha Walckhoff, Creative Director at Christian Lacroix for many years, we asked him what it takes to create an eclectic collection each season:

-This year will be your 8th season with DG, how do you feel that your collections have progressed?

Seven years ago we presented our first home fabric alongside a few home accessories and no one was expecting it even thought we were going to build what we did in lifestyle. Our collections are getting easier to use for a broader audience I think, without losing the glamour and the eclecticism which is bound to the Lacroix brand.

-Tell us about the is inspiration behind this seasons collection?

This season I was greatly inspired by the famous works of the 18th century French natural historian, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Count of Buffon. I read many of his encyclopedic volumes that covered everything that was known about natural sciences at the time. It was truly fascinating and inspired much of our SS18 collection, Histoires Naturelles. For this new collection we worked on several designs; Birds Sinfonia and Primavera represent birds, flowers and insects. However, this time there is a surrealistic approach to nature, an “unreal reality” which makes it totally unique and fascinating.

-Do you have a favourite design from this collection?

It’s always a tricky question as you do love the entire collection you are designing! But I am really crazy about our Bosquet rug this season I must say and it will end up in my place for sure!

-What recommendations do you have when using your designs in the home?

Our brand is famous for its prints and colours but still you may use a lot of our fabrics in a far subtler way. We are here to inspire you … we have an eclectic style, I love to see myself as a "maximal minimalist". Our Lacroix wallpapers are great to create a dramatic hall entrance or a surprising dinner room. Additionally, using our wallpapers for a bedroom can also be wonderful. I always believe that instead of using neutrals, sometimes it is better to use a black and white stripe or a graphic black and white design that will capture the eye. Our Cabanon pattern on our wallpaper, fabric and even on our porcelain range is a perfect example of this. I love beauty in all its forms and I think that finding the right balance between contrasted elements is thrilling. As far as interior design is concerned, I love to mix old and new, colours and neutrals, renowned names and unknown designers. Eclectic choices are not always easy to harmonize, but the result is always breathtaking when the balance is just right.

-What do you and Tricia have in store for next season?!