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Guest blog: Kit Kemp


We asked the hugely talented Kit Kemp of Firmdale Hotels what really goes through her thought process when designing a room:

What do you consider first when designing a space?

I consider the light, aspect, age of the building and the mood we are trying to create.

What are your 3 'go-to' rules when designing a room/space?

I don’t have any particular rules because every room tells a story. The fun of being a designer is breaking the rules. I’m known for my colour and bold approach, but I never forget that a room has to feel calm and a place where you want to spend many happy hours. I never use more than one large pattern repeat - usually its one large, one medium and one small. I’m happy to use flowers with geometrics but it’s all to do with scale.

How would you describe your style?

It’s colourful and appears carefree but it’s all about the detail and quality of workmanship. I would prefer things to last rather than replacing too quickly.

What & where would be your dream project?

We’ve just finished it! The Whitby Hotel in New York, which is a fabulous new build we built ourselves lock, stock and barrel, complete with penthouse suite, cinema, restaurant, orangery and event spaces. There are 86 rooms and they are all different. We had the best time designing and decorating.

What is your favourite DG design?

Tulipa Stellata fuchsia from the new Autumn Winter collection. It looks great beside a plain green linen. We love the plain Brera linens.