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Colour Palette | Fuchsia

JULY 2021

"Vibrant, uplifting and utterly modern - Fuchsia or shocking pink is a go-to colour when one wants to make an impact.

It’s dynamic and confident – feminine and modern, yet more strident than soft pink and more fun than red. It can be sensual yet frivolous all at the same time and at Designers Guild, we love to use it as an accent, as a note of contrast and often as the main event in a room.

Discover how beautiful it can be in your home – with our tips below." Tricia Guild.

- To add definition, just use a deeper and stronger tone of pink such as our Lotus Pink; no stark contrasts or jolts of accent colour.

- Stick to the same tones of bright pinks to ensure they don't fight amongst themselves, our ombre Saraille throw Saraille throw is a perfect example of this. A too-bright pink could dominate and upset the balance.

- Increase the prettiness with more rose pink rose pink and soft white soft white; building up the shades of grey will add more style and take the palette in a less feminine direction.