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DG at Home | Life Armour


DG at Home | Life Armour

Welcome to a new edition of DG at Home where this week, we are looking at bedrooms and just how important a good nights’ sleep can be for our wellbeing.

Life Armour create award winning 100% natural formulas, developed by experts to nourish from within to help protect against the stresses and strains of modern life.

We are delighted to introduce you to Life Armour and specifically, its founder Marishka Dunlop …

Tell us a little bit about your brand and why you started it?

'Life armour was born out of a passion to help address the impact modern life has on our health and wellbeing. I could see how daily stress was taking its toll on my own wellbeing as well as so many people around me. Whilst there was a lot of focus on how stress impacts mental health, very little was mentioned about how it affects us physically and emotionally. When I looked to the supplement category to support my own wellbeing I found it so confusing to shop, as did many of the women I spoke to. I was surprised quality was not always a given. I didn’t understand how this could be when it is something we put in to our bodies which is supposed to be doing us good.'

As there are many brands offering well-being products - what sets yours apart?

'First and foremost our products are 100% natural and vegan friendly containing no fillers, bulking agents or alcohol. We use a blend of adaptogens which work naturally with the body where and when the body needs it. We combine these with more well-known vitamins. All our ingredients are in at active levels so you can feel a difference.

I created life armour so people would be proud to have it on display in their kitchen, bathroom or by their bedside. Wellness can look good as well as do good. We work hard to ensure where possible our packaging is easily recyclable and have refill pouches for our capsules.'

How important is sleep for ones general health and well-being?

'Science has shown that sleep is a fundamental pillar to our health and wellbeing. From helping to improve our mood and energy levels to supporting concentration. When we are sleep deprived we can make more emotional rather than rational decisions. I for one can relate to this!

Sleep can also help to maintain a healthy weight as when we are sleep deprived we tend to crave more sugary foods, which over a longer period can affect our health.

Serious sleep deprivation has been shown to be a chronic stress on the body which can cause more serious health conditions and cognitive decline.'

In your view what is key for getting a good night’s sleep?

'Getting in to a good routine can often help. Simple steps like staying away from devices an hour before bed and not allowing phones in the bedroom. I am sure many of us are guilty that the last thing we look at before we sleep and the first thing we look at when we wake is our phone. Use an alarm clock or a lumie light that gently lights up your room in the morning. Exposing yourself to daylight first thing can help increase cortisol which gives us energy to start our day and helps to optimise our circadian rhythm.'

What can impact getting a restful night’s sleep?

'Most people are aware that too much caffeine and alcohol can impact their sleep. It is also important that your bedroom is not too hot. In the current circumstances we are living in, consuming news before bed is causing many to feel worried and anxious. This can result in a restless night’s sleep or waking in the night due to an over active mind. It’s important to take time to switch off'.

Marishka Dunlop – Founder of life armour.

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