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Out of the blue exhibition series | Travellers' Tales


As part of our ‘Out of the blue’ exhibition series we are sharing spotlights from our exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. This week, we explore our journey further.

To even the most casual of observers, it is clear that our collections are infused with the influences of the global traveller.

From an early age Tricia Guild has always had a distinctly international approach – from her travels to Europe and beyond.

India was one of the places that made a lasting and profound impression – viewing exquisite textiles, as well as those skilled in their making.

‘I was struck by the energy of the sub-continent – its people, the colours, the rituals and traditions, their dignity and of course the bustling cities and quiet landscapes.’

India was the spark that lit the flame for our ‘Kusumam’ and ‘Indian Summer’ collections and its influence has continued to suffuse Guild’s work ever since, both consciously and subliminally.

These collections proved to be a seminal moment setting the tone for strong, non-floral, vivid interiors.

Head to the Fashion and Textile Museum for more info - exhibition running until 21st February 2021.