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DG AT HOME | The power of a mood board

JUNE 2020


"When redesigning your home, how best to collate your ideas? Mood boards really help you to see how your ideas will work in reality before you place even a brushstroke.

Bringing the fabrics, wallpaper, paints and inspiration together allows you to see the balance of colours, textures and patterns, to get a good idea of how well your scheme is going to work.

Mood boards help me to set the scene, to layer up the creativity. They allow me to establish a language, rhythm and style that feeds from the architecture or landscape.

Top Tip: Make sure your samples are at the same scale they will be in your room. Include objects or photographs that have inspired you. If it works on paper it will work in your room. Discover endless mood board options here on our blog.

Ensure that your palette is true to you and what your love. Colour is the ultimate stimulant – it awakens the senses and brings instant joy. Choose shades that make you happy - if needing help to start - our latest books offer endless help and inspiration to get you started.

Identify the main colours, and these will dictate your whites or neutrals. Choosing the right tones to complement your main colour is vital, which is why we have so many shades of whites and neutrals in our collections, so that you can balance your space.

I hope these suggestions give you confidence to explore your own sense of style and colour for your home." Tricia Guild

Stay tuned for our new mood board mini-series with Tricia Guild coming soon!

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