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DG AT HOME | Green

MAY 2020


“Green has its powerful meaning as the colour of growth. It renews and restores depleted energy, which is why it is such a wonderful hue to have in the home. Green evokes a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well-being.

Green can be earthy or glamourous, lively and vivid or soulful and calm. It’s ability to add balance and harmony to a space is one of it’s major characteristics. Just as the stems and leaves in a garden are green, no matter what the colour the flower, a shade of green is the perfect partner to any colour and can be used as a neutral to balance other colours, allowing them to sing.

If you’ve seen my book In My View you’ll already know this, but, two walls in my living room at home are painted in a vibrant shade of emerald – the most wonderful counterpoint to what often seems like the endless grey London skies outside. I tend to use green almost as a neutral – it is the palette of nature and emerald green in particular, has that glimmering depth to it that is so full of life, giving unique character and spirit.

I find that shades of green are unequivocally calming and ensure an elegant and harmonious feel when paired with the right white or neutral.

Our collections exemplify green hues' versatility whether it’s in a print, pattern or plain form and it’s innate ability to bring in the world around us”. Tricia Guild

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