AW17 'Tulipa Stellata' inspiration

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  • AW17 'Tulipa Stellata' inspiration


JULY 2017

This season, our collections draw inspiration from the humble tulip bulb that became more precious than gold and five times more expensive than a house - a bulb that went on to inspire generations.

Native to Turkey, the tulip was first introduced into Europe in the early seventeenth century by the Ottoman Empire from Constantinople. The rare and curious bulb was much coveted by Dutch society in particular and so ensued, the buying frenzy known as Tulipmania. The bulb symbolised success and prosperity and exuded a sense of the exotic and of noble air, notions that gripped Dutch culture.

The Netherlands had new sophisticated tastes and new temptations; Tulipmania was set amidst the backdrop of the Golden Age, where a love of the Arts and of culture truly began to take root. It was an extraordinary moment in time and it is this rich backdrop that infuses our main prints collection this season.

Available in fabric, wallpapers and a whole host of
home accessories.

View our Tulipa Stellata collection here.

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