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We have an unwavering commitment and dedication to our ecological and social responsibilities as a company. We are committed to reviewing our supply chain, from the initiation of product through to the disposal of our packaging material, in a way that enhances the environment for our suppliers and our customers wherever possible.


Our eco & social responsibilities

Responsibility is an ongoing process – we know that small yet efficient solutions, like eradicating all single use plastic and recycling every last piece of paper and cardboard, can make all the difference. We have removed all single use plastic across all of our office, cafe and retail locations. All of the waste that we produce when both manufacturing our products and running our business on a daily basis is either recycled or used to generate renewable energy. We have a no landfill policy, and as a result none of our waste goes to landfill at all.


Our policy on achieving sustainable style

Getting there shouldn’t cost the earth. Our logistics vehicles, including those of our representatives, are now electric. In 2019 we started to replace diesel vehicles with electric alternatives to slowly but surely, drive change.


Shop easy, rest assured - our carrier bags are 100% recyclable

We’re constantly improving our sustainable service and so this year, we replaced our recyclable plastic store carrier bags with eco friendlier paper bags.


The majority of our products, particularly fabrics and papers are made from natural fibres and are recyclable. In Spring 2019, we were proud to launch an innovative recycled fabric collection, Lisbon. One of the first in the industry, which utilises no hydrocarbons in the manufacture. The collection is entirely comprised of yarns recycled from the fashion industry - we worked with our supplier who developed accredited techniques to break down and revive redundant textiles into good quality yarns. Available in a wide colour palette from earthy neutrals to brighter shades.

Our paint range is completely water-based, vegan and low-VOCs (Volatile organic compounds, that contribute to atmospheric pollution), making them virtually solvent free. No need for harsh chemicals when cleaning your brushes and equipment with our water-based paints. Simply use warm, soapy water. Designed to last, offering excellent coverage, adhesion and flow, meaning fewer coats are needed when compared with other premium paints. All our paints are manufactured in the UK. Our paint tins are made using 50% recycled steel and our packaging is made using recycled materials, that can be used again.


Our largest contribution has been supporting Oxfam in the building of a school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

All scrap fabric is donated to various children's charities, for example Children's Scrap Project. All remnants and end of line fabrics are upcycled.

We have worked with the charity Maggie’s, for a number of years – A charity that provides free practical & emotional support for people living with cancer and their families, through support centres built in the grounds of specialist NHS cancer hospitals. In 2018 Tricia Guild directed the interior design of a new centre for Maggie’s.

We are constantly reviewing our recycling and waste collection policies too and are also working with World Land Trust by donating to their Buy an Acre programme on a monthly basis. Each acre purchased protects threatened habitats and their wildlife in Colombia, Mexico and Zambia. View our support with World Land Trust HERE >.

For more information – please view our Ethical Policy page HERE >

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