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The World of Designers Guild

Guest blog: Salvesen Graham

MARCH 2019

Our Press team gave an exclusive preview of our Spring 2019 collections to the interior design and decoration practice, Salvesen Graham. Founded by Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, the company specilises in classic interiors with a modern twist. We were thrilled to preview to them and gain an insight into their thoughts on Spring 2019:

What were you first impressions of our SS19 collections?

It was very fresh and beautifully coloured, with some really innovative twists on classic design motifs like marbling and damask.

What aspect about the collection were you drawn to?

It actually wasn’t the large scale designs that we were most drawn to, it was the incredible range of colours in the Valloire fabrics collection. It’s such a beautiful, soft, fabric and colours like Acacia and Coral really stood out for us.

How do you see yourself interpreting our new collection into your projects?

I think we will take signature pieces, like the Veronese linen, and then mix them with some of the more relaxed and timeless fabrics and trimmings that are the staples of our work. It’s great to have a really interesting colour that you can work with, like the flash of mustard yellow in this design.

What is your favourite design from SS19?

From the fabric collection I think it has to be the beautiful Veronese design. We love multi-coloured designs (they're such a great way to introduce lots of variety in to a scheme) and the painterly quality of this fabric is very special. From the wallpaper collection we really loved all the marble designs and definitely see Ajanta as something that we would work with - it would look fabulous as the back drop to a dense picture hang.