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Clever tricks with Plains

MARCH 2016

We have over two thousand plain fabrics in our collection - from linens and cotton to glamorous silks and velvets and so much in between- there is a texture and a tone that is perfect for you. However all too often, plain fabrics are seen as a default option for those of us who may be nervous of more complicated pattern. That is only half the story plain fabrics are an important part of any scheme – providing space and a "breath" between the other elements in a room and allowing other patterns and colours to shine in their own right.

However if plains are your thing then here are a few of our top tips for making them work in your home -

Layer up - we have over too many plain rugs in our collection and rather than just using one – let the colours do the talking and layer them up. The mix of textures and tones adds an interesting dynamic.

Quick change – our reversible linen cushions in coordinating and contrasting tones mean you can change the feel of your space in a flash.

Shade it – texture is vital when using plain colour and another great way of using texture is with our ombre plains – Saraille, Padua, Capisoli, Eberson, and Phipps are plain fabrics, but shading to a deeper tone or white or natural.

Mix it up – use a plain with a pattern on a piece of furniture, it adds an unexpected touch and makes the piece more personal to you. A true individual statement.