At Designers Guild, we have an aspiration and a commitment to trade ethically throughout our business. We are committed to reviewing our supply chain, from the initiation of product through to the disposal of our packaging material, in a way that enhances the environment for our suppliers and our customers wherever possible


Our eco & social responsibilities

Responsibility is an ongoing process – we know that small yet efficient solutions, like eradicating all single use plastic and recycling every last piece of paper and cardboard, can make all the difference. We have removed all single use plastic across all of our office, cafe and retail locations.


Our policy on achieving sustainable style

Getting there shouldn’t cost the earth. Our logistics vehicles, including those of our representatives, are now electric. In 2019 we started to replace diesel vehicles with electric alternatives to slowly but surely, drive change.


Shop easy, rest assured - our carrier bags are 100% recyclable

We’re constantly improving our sustainable service and so this year, we replaced our recyclable plastic store carrier bags with eco friendlier paper bags.


Our commitment to ecology

For the past 20 years we’ve worked with Oxfam and various children’s charities to do our little bit for better, brighter futures.

For more information – please view our Ethical policy page HERE >

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