Trend: Principle Pigments

Die Welt von Designers Guild


JULY 2017

Two of our main hues that are used distinctly in our collections merge together for this seasons trend 'Principle pigments'.

This season we took inspiration from Dutch & Flemish still-life paintings. Johannes Vermeer is renowned for his masterly treatment working with expensive pigments and use of light in his work.
It is this combination of tones used together that are featured prominently in our Autumn designs. Tulipa Stellata is a prime example of this - with vivid fuchsia tones working in harmony with emerald & asparagus fern green. It is these definitive hues that make a room - evoking dynamism and confidence.

Impasto also highlights these tones but in a softer approach, with an added textured layer so that it stays contemporary.

Whether its the vivid brights that we are so famous for or a muted approach these principle pigments take the forefront this season.

Explore our new collections here.

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