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The World of Designers Guild

Moodboard: A change of tone

MARCH 2020

With Spring in the air, we take a change of tone for this season's colour palette.

Our Spring 2020 fabric and wallpaper collections are imagined in every organic hue, from earthy sepia, birch and hemp, to celadon, emerald and topaz with hints of azalea and turmeric.

These warming hues open the door to a new perspective to our palette, that brings a modern twist to what is typically referred to as a retro mood.

We have anchored the retro vibe with beautiful detailing of embroidery to our Hollyhock design - offering a unique artistic quality to this fabric print, conveying luxury to a room. Create more depth with tactile textures with our Velluto plain velvet fabric.

If wanting to keep a space more contemporary - add a graphic element with geometrics with our best-selling design Manipur. Comprising of perfectly scaled hexagons with a unique woven ground, this stylish cut velvet makes a statement in your interior scheme for curtains and upholstery alike. Perhaps start with a cushion or two!

Not forgetting our new Earth Tones paint shades - our Mineral shades work perfectly within this palette.