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Moodboard: Romantic Monochrome


This month we embrace romantic monochrome with shades of charcoal, alabaster and dove grey – these hues don’t have to look harsh, instead these nuances can be incredibly romantic, delicate and soft.

Bring in warmth with our Portland weave – a three dimensional trellis effect pattern woven above a metallic ground. The small scale pattern will give the room an uplifting feeling whether it’s in curtain or upholstery form.

Or add a little more drama with our Dahlia noir printed fabric - A dramatic all-over digital print of expressive dahlias in wonderfully subdued tones, on a slate hued ground.

These fabrics are complemented beautifully with our chalky white paint shades.

This mood is elegant and modern and reinforces our neutral colour palette offering across our fabric and paint collections.

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