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Paint edit: Nomadic prints


With a bold palette this month we look to our neutrals to anchor our designs. Our paint shades provide a base layer to a room with a broad range of neutrals to choose from.

Our Wild Flax paint shade - a creamy gold tones neutral will create a harmonious scheme working with our Surimono wallpaper that has various tones of colour. It will draw out the softer notes of the wallpaper balancing the stronger hues.

Or if wanting to embrace and accentuate the boldness of print add an impact with our Lotus pink shade – an exotic and strong pink that is bright and uplifting in the Winter months.

With over 156 timeless shades from calm neutrals to stronger accents we have the paint range to create a space with personality, individuality and spirit.

Explore our paint shades in-store, online or with your local stockist here.