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JUNE 2016


With over 60 years and 4 generations of practical experience, we caught up with Uli Weber of Weber Interior Design & Decoration to find out about her approach to design:

1. What projects are you working on right now?
Quite a few very individual and different hotel and residential projects from a beautiful old water castle from the 15th century to a very minimalistic and luxurious boutique hotel with an awesome lake view of Zell am See.

1) Can you tell us about your relationship with DG?
It started when I was a student of textile design in Vienna. I was fascinated with the different, new interpretation of patterns, and Tricia Guild’s incredible, skillful use of colour. Today I go to them for their iconic prints and also for their Essentials collections, which for me are the backbone of every project. I know I can always count on Designers Guild to always give their best to make the impossible possible.

2) Do you have a favourite DG design?
There have been many favourites! At the moment perhaps Saraille - in all of its different colours, it is a special fabric in its simplicity. Also Tulipani, as a typical DG pattern.

3) What is the secret to a cohesive scheme?
Find the key piece! Usually I always start with a "special" patterned fabric, which coordinates with a piece of art, the house or the person who lives in it. I like to mix the "old and the new", as well as to have something neutral for the grounding and more than one pattern in a room. I like the perfection of imperfection.

5) Where do you find inspiration?
Time and room with myself in nature.

4) Sum up DG in 3 words:
Colour, pattern, essential.

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