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Designers Guild meets Bisazza

We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new collaboration between Designers Guild and Bisazza.

This exciting partnership is a true meeting between two leaders in their respective interior design fields, and is a celebration of their passion for creativity, innovation

and quality.

Like Designers Guild, Bisazza is one of the leading luxury brands in the design sector and the industry’s top producer of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration.

Since it was established in 1956, the company has become

a trailblazer, producing ground-breaking designs and

pushing boundaries.

This season, Bisazza have selected 4 favourite designs from the DG archive to replicate in their unique way.

Each design has been recreated and reinterpreted using

tiny mosaic tiles to capture the hand-painted tones of their fabric counterparts.

The effect is a ravishing and dramatic finish to a space.

The Designs

Alexandria - The stunning Alexandria design featuring large scale flowers set against a soft grey and white ombre ground with amethyst brings a wall to life in six panels.

Ardassa - A classical acanthus leaf in both ivory or emerald.

Charlottenburg - A fabulous display of the large scale peonies within the Charlottenburg printed fabric set against a crisp white mosaic ground.

The panels can be used how you choose to use them and available through all Bisazza retailers, available to view from May in every Bisazza store.