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The World of Designers Guild

Decorating your home with an eco-conscious approach

MARCH 2022

"It is fair to say that as well as finding beautiful things to enhance our homes - making sustainable and eco - responsible choices has become of primary importance. I am no exception and am always trying to find ways to create in a more responsible way.

Fortunately, the interiors industry is making small but meaningful and determined steps to offer us all the ability to make the right choices when it comes to caring for our planet. High quality paint is a good place to start and is always eco-friendly. Some of my favourite paint colours from Designers Guild including Vintage Green, TG blue and Chalk are happily low VOC, washable and water based with absolutely no nasties, so you can paint away with a clear conscience.

Natural fibres like paper, linen, cotton and wool are also good choices when it comes to decorating and especially do look for the Oeko Tex and Better Cotton symbols from our new Cassia Cord – initiatives that work hard to ensure a responsible approach. Watkin and Lisbon are great collections to decorate with if you want to make an eco-friendly choice. They are as practical and stylish as they are useable and are sustainably produced too. I’m proud of their eco credentials.

When it comes to accessorising - look for those simple fibres and textures again to add style at home. Our organic pure cotton bedlinen and coordinating towels Loweswater are both Oeko Tex approved and super luxurious whilst being sustainably produced. The bedlinen in 6 mouthwatering shades comes in fabric bags without plastic packaging which is helpful too."

Tricia Guild, Founder & Creative Director.