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Colour Palette | Blossom & shell

APRIL 2021

This month the colour of spring blossom and shell pink celebrate a new season of hope and optimism.

“Less overtly feminine than pink, these gentle shades are romantic nonetheless. Pair them with grey for a warm neutral feeling or use them with white for a crisp, more contemporary atmosphere.” Tricia Guild

The soft pink underlines the gentle nature of the scheme – featuring our Tourangalle wallpaper design. Adding a note of surprising prettiness.

Think warm terracotta, coral and petal shades that pair with soft greys, mauves and buttermilk for a new, dynamic expression.

• With this colour palette being on the warm side of the colour spectrum, its important to compliment these tones with paint shades that have a crisp yellow/green base within them, providing balance and clarity.

• Our Pink Salt paint shade is the perfect shade to indulge in. Soft, elegant and flattering – the perfect neutral.

• Enhance your space with the perfect finishing touch - with our edit of home accessories.