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JUNE 2016

One of our favourite places for a delicious lunch or evening take-out is in London's Heddon street. Here the emphasis is on fresh, seasonal and healthy vegetarian and vegan food and served in truly stylish surroundings. Tibits has a loyal and passionate following of customers who not only love their approach to food but life too. What’s more, all their beautiful restaurants are completely designed with our collections and have been since inception.

In the words of Co-founder Reto Frei -
“Designers Guild is the perfect décor partner to complement Tibits restaurants’ unique atmosphere and interior design. We have been working with them since our start 15 years ago, both in London and Switzerland, as they have a vast selection of creative and striking prints and patterns in array of materials, all made from natural fibres. The strong visual identity of Designers Guild fabrics, paints and papers, give Tibits restaurants a contemporary signature look but also allows each location to express its own individuality. There is true synergy between our family businesses, not only in our modern and innovative philosophy and dedication to high quality product and services but also in our commitment to ethical and ecological business practices”

Why not visit one of their restaurants in London, Zurich, Lucerne or Bern - and if you can’t travel that far, we have added one one of their most delicious and nutritious breakfast recipes in our next post to get your day off to a energising start.

This month we are offering the chance to win dinner for two at their London Heddon Street restaurant, please click here for further info on how to enter.

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