• Amaya Fabrics
AMAYA FABRICS Elegant widewidth sheers, iridescent and full of light
  • Saraille Fabrics
SARAILLE FABRICS A wide variety of wide-width linen looks
  • Zetani Fabrics
ZETANI FABRICS A go-to collection for gorgeous silky taffeta stripes of every colour
  • Mazan Fabrics
MAZAN FABRICS Wonderful wide-width linens
  • Correze Fabrics
CORREZE FABRICS Wide-width linen sheers
  • Fleuve Fabrics
FLEUVE FABRICS Sparkling stripe and check taffetas
  • Lauzon Fabrics
LAUZON FABRICS A broad range of widewidth luxury fabrics
  • Savine Fabrics
SAVINE FABRICS Glamorous tie dye
  • Aliseda Fabrics
ALISEDA FABRICS Get the silk look and touch with shimmering delicate sheers
  • Quinto Fabrics
QUINTO FABRICS Lustrous wide-width modern sheers

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