Creating a home that has a sense of balance and harmony requires thought and consideration, no matter how big or small the space is.


Today our homes have become multifunctional spaces – we demand more of them than ever before. They are deeply personal spaces in which one can relax in peace, entertain friends, spend time with loved ones as well as sometimes work. When a home is well considered it fulfills all these requirements and evokes a sense of personality of its inhabitants. This is what brings happiness and makes a house a home, regardless of its size or shape.


Style needn’t be sacrificed for practicality. Our adaptable range of bedroom furniture can suit any space. Take our Ray chair, a modern interpretation of a vintage 1950’s classic style and upholster it in a luxurious heavyweight linen – the combination of clean lines and striking block colour brings a sense of unexpected depth and comfort.

The Florence 2-seater sofa and chair are two other perfect accent pieces. With a curvaceous back and subtle sloping arms, the Florence design is arresting and beautifully understated – perfect for a small living space.


Don't forget the three fundamental building blocks of design: colour, pattern and texture. Nothing enhances your mood like colour does; each tone evokes an entirely subjective feeling. For instance, deep cerulean articulates a pensive purity that is a relaxant whereas vivid Schiaparelli pink is enduringly evocative of balmy summer evenings, abundant with energy – both are beautiful for different reasons. The palette is the catalyst that makes any room work cohesively; the textures and pattern should then reference this palette so that the overall effect remains harmonious. Discover our paint colours for more inspiration.



Curtains and draperies are the simplest way to add instant height to a space. To really accentuate height, ensure that the fabric is hung as close to where the wall meets the ceiling as possible and let them puddle on the ground. Our softly tonal, watercolour stripe Vallauris fabric is a great example of this – its subtle vertical stripe pattern furthers the illusion of length.

The use of geometric or linear pattern can give a small space a sense of structure, whilst providing the illusion of additional length and width. The Mandora wallpapers feature interlocking geometric angles and linear dashes combined with a hint of metallic accent – this combination will help dance light around the room, thus making it feel bigger.

Layer rugs together to create a modern mix of pattern and plain – yet another way to create the feeling of an enlarged space. We suggest using one large rug and overlapping with a slightly small second.



Once the choice of upholstery, wallpaper, colour of paint or curtains is decided then the accessories – the rug, the cushions or blanket - add further interest and detail to a room. The final ingredients are the items that you treasure, from artwork to photographs, ceramics and glassware. It is all these elements combined together in a space that create a sense of uniqueness and the end result is very personal.

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