Discover how to use our paint colours to create a beautiful finish.

The Designers Guild paint collection consists of 154 beautiful, contemporary colours, from chalky neutrals through to the vibrant hues for which we are famous. Available in four finishes, Perfect Matt Emulsion, Perfect Water-based Eggshell, Perfect Oil-based Eggshell and Perfect Floor Paint.


There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using colour and we believe that confidence is the only ingredient/factor that you need to create beautiful rooms. However, here are a few of Tricia Guild’s top tips

  1. Keep floors and ceilings neutral where possible and especially when using brighter tones. We have over ten shades of white that will work with any shade.
  2. Neutral doesn’t have to mean white – the flatter shades of blue grey and grey green can work brilliantly with all colours especially on woodwork where white could be too cold.
  3. Do consider the way that natural light moves through your rooms, if necessary you can consider additional lighting to either warm or cool a room.
  4. Painted floors are timeless but don’t just think of them in white – a darker tone can look amazing with cool grey or white walls.
  5. Use colour in unexpected places - the inside of cupboards as opposed to the doors provides an interesting and unexpected pop of colour.

To make it even easier to put your colours together, we have categorised all our colours into one of the following 6 groups:

Cool Neutrals – have blue or grey tones. They work well in light-filled rooms.

Warm Neutrals – have a creamy yellow-tinged base and add depth and warmth to a room. Good to use in north facing rooms.

Clear Neutrals -  provide a flat wash of true colour, use them anywhere for a crisp finish.

Cool Brights – provide a lively vibrant finish and work well in light-filled rooms.

Warm Brights - these are richer in their base tone and have a warm depth and strength of colour.

Clear Brights – crisp and with a well defined clarity. They work well everywhere.


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