Discover or collections of essential plains and textures

Designers Guild offers a huge array of plain fabrics, almost plain fabrics and wonderfully textured fabrics for curtaining and upholstery. Stylish, modern and utterly versatile, our plains and textures work perfectly in their own right as well as coordinating with all our printed fabrics and wallpapers. Choose from a myriad of colours – from neutrals and naturals of every hue, to softer shades of washed colour and brighter accents colours too. Our plains and textures are of the highest quality and offer exceptional durability and performance for both the domestic and contract upholstery.

  • Contract Essentials Fabrics
CONTRACT ESSENTIALS FABRICS An anthology collection of the most essential contract-ready designs
  • Trevellas Fabrics
NEW TREVELLAS FABRICS Robust, durable upholstery weaves in a versatile range of colours
  • Pavia Fabrics
NEW PAVIA FABRICS Luxurious deep pile heavyweight velvets for sumptuous upholstery
  • Brecon Fabrics
NEW BRECON FABRICS Textured tweed weaves with tremendous character
  • Nevada Fabrics
NEW NEVADA FABRICS Contemporary leather-look weaves with interesting surface effects
  • Scala Fabrics
NEW SCALA FABRICS A softly glazed fine pure linen weave for smart contemporary interiors
  • Canzo Fabrics
NEW CANZO FABRICS Glamorous flame retardant, wide width dimout curtain fabrics
  • Monza Fabrics
NEW MONZA FABRICS An inspired collection of wide width flame retardant curtain fabrics
  • Greycloth Fabrics
GREYCLOTH FABRICS A destination collection for lovers of greys and neutrals!
  • Arona FR Fabrics
NEW ARONA FR FABRICS A smooth flame retardant durable velvet with a soft handle
  • Varallo FR Fabrics
NEW VARALLO FR FABRICS A terrific flame retardant Trevira CS velvet with a rich pile
  • Varese Fabrics
VARESE FABRICS Elegant plain cotton velvet
  • Canvas Fabrics
CANVAS FABRICS Robust plain cottons with soft handle in nearly 50 great colourways
  • Rothesay Fabrics
ROTHESAY FABRICS Smart, hard-wearing upholstery weaves with an appealingly soft handle
  • Riveau Fabrics
RIVEAU FABRICS Hard-wearing, softly textured plain weaves for smart upholstery
  • Cassano Fabrics
CASSANO FABRICS Subtly textured flame retardant voiles for elegant curtains
  • Conway Fabrics
CONWAY FABRICS Pure linen plains in a wide colour palette for a multitude of uses!
  • Mavone Fabrics
MAVONE FABRICS Expressive small scale upholstery patterns
  • Zaragoza Fabrics
ZARAGOZA FABRICS Heavyweight weathered vintage velvets
  • Metallo Fabrics
METALLO FABRICS A unique collection of refined metallic looks
  • Bilbao II Fabrics
BILBAO II FABRICS Shimmering chenille upholstery
  • Brera Rigato II Fabrics
BRERA RIGATO II FABRICS Sensational pure linen stipes
  • Brera Rigato Stripe Fabrics
BRERA RIGATO STRIPE FABRICS Durable linen striped weaves
  • Brera Filato Fabrics
BRERA FILATO FABRICS Dynamic linen essentials in a range of small scale patterns
  • Brera Quadretto Fabrics
  • Brera Lino Fabrics
BRERA LINO FABRICS An essential plain washed linen for upholstery, curtains and bedcovers
  • Manzoni Fabrics
MANZONI FABRICS A robust washable linen union ideal for upholstery
  • Tiber II Fabrics
TIBER II FABRICS An elegant plain satin
  • Orba Fabrics
ORBA FABRICS Elegant flame retardant, wide width curtain fabrics.
  • Mesilla Fabrics
MESILLA FABRICS A trio of contemporary weave designs
  • Ishida Fabrics
ISHIDA FABRICS A variety of textural and lustrous upholstery weaves
  • Shima Fabrics
SHIMA FABRICS A lustrous essential upholstery fabric
  • Kalahari Fabrics
KALAHARI FABRICS Leather looks, velvets and suede, high performance upholstery
  • Satinato II Fabrics
SATINATO II FABRICS A destination for dimout curtain fabrics
  • Bolsena Fabrics
BOLSENA FABRICS A versatile collection of weaves and linen looks
  • Naturally IV Fabrics
NATURALLY IV FABRICS Essential looks for the home in neutral natural colours
  • Naturally V Fabrics
NATURALLY V FABRICS Essential looks for the home in neutral natural colours
  • Glenville Fabrics
GLENVILLE FABRICS Vintage looks but lasts forever - a superb range of velvets
  • Cassia Fabrics
CASSIA FABRICS A luxurious anti-crease velvet collection
  • Sicilia Fabrics
SICILIA FABRICS Expressive practical weaves
  • Bressay Fabrics
BRESSAY FABRICS Dynamic weaves for throughout the home
  • Iona Fabrics
IONA FABRICS Expressive essential weaves from ribbed plains to double sided satin
  • Panaro Fabrics
PANARO FABRICS Linen-look plains and fine stripes
  • Mezzola Fabrics
MEZZOLA FABRICS Popular robust plain faux-suedes for every palette
  • Nabucco Fabrics
NABUCCO FABRICS Beautiful scaling velvet
  • Morvern Fabrics
MORVERN FABRICS Purposed for durability and great texture
  • Arizona Fabrics
ARIZONA FABRICS Spirited unusual weaves
  • Arietta Fabrics
ARIETTA FABRICS Silky plain taffetas
  • Arno Fabrics
ARNO FABRICS A hard-working contemporary upholstery fabrics
  • Cheviot Fabrics
CHEVIOT FABRICS Beautiful wool flannel weaves
  • Bassano Fabrics
BASSANO FABRICS Plain woven linen qualities and textures
  • Torgiano Fabrics
TORGIANO FABRICS Bravado striped velvet library
  • Aviano Fabrics
AVIANO FABRICS Wide-width washable taffetas
  • Piave Fabrics
PIAVE FABRICS Widewidth textured dimouts
  • Cascina Fabrics
CASCINA FABRICS Three essential chenille textures including uncrushable velvet
  • Brenan Fabrics
BRENAN FABRICS Stylish hi-tech upholstery weaves
  • Moray Fabrics
MORAY FABRICS Modern blackout fabrics with stylish weave effects
  • Essentials Black & White Fabrics
ESSENTIALS BLACK & WHITE FABRICS The ultimate book of neutral designs with a singular palette
  • Kellas Fabrics
KELLAS FABRICS Smart and eminently practical ottoman satin weaves with subtle glamour
  • Rinzu Fabrics
RINZU FABRICS A tweed effect upholstery weave with a subtle lustrous sheen

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