• Shanghai Garden Fabrics
NEW SHANGHAI GARDEN FABRICS The grandeur of nature as graceful painterly landscapes and gardens
  • Shanghai Garden Wallcoverings
NEW SHANGHAI GARDEN WALLCOVERINGS The grandeur of nature as graceful designs for your wall
  • Aurelia Fabrics
NEW AURELIA FABRICS Velvets and shaded linens with an essence of the Oriental garden
  • Mirafiori Fabrics
NEW MIRAFIORI FABRICS Glorious silk stripes and weaves, luxurious and light
  • Brera Rigato II Fabrics
NEW BRERA RIGATO II FABRICS Sensational pure linen stipes
  • Manzoni Fabrics
NEW MANZONI FABRICS A robust washable linen union ideal for upholstery
  • Tiber II Fabrics
NEW TIBER II FABRICS An elegant plain satin
  • Orba Fabrics
NEW ORBA FABRICS FR linen looks with either glazed or relaxed finishes
  • Madhuri Fabrics
MADHURI FABRICS Sensational evocative central asian prints
  • Aquarelle FR Voile Fabrics
AQUARELLE FR VOILE FABRICS Shimmering wide-width fire-treated sheers and voiles
  • Kalahari Fabrics
KALAHARI FABRICS Leather looks, velvets and suede, high performance upholstery
  • Palasini Wallcoverings
PALASINI WALLCOVERINGS Inspiring dynamic textural looks for your wall
  • Indupala Fabrics
INDUPALA FABRICS Exquisite celebratory silks
  • Amaya Fabrics
AMAYA FABRICS Elegant widewidth sheers, iridescent and full of light
  • Sukumala Wallcoverings
SUKUMALA WALLCOVERINGS Eclectic plain textures and breathtaking rich florals
  • Boratti Fabrics
BORATTI FABRICS Both tonal and artisan velvet expressions for elegant upholstery
  • Ishida Fabrics
ISHIDA FABRICS A variety of textural and lustrous upholstery weaves
  • Mesilla Fabrics
MESILLA FABRICS A trio of contemporary weave designs
  • Satinato II Fabrics
SATINATO II FABRICS A destination for dimout curtain fabrics
  • Savio Fabrics
SAVIO FABRICS Texture within texture a sensational woven collection
  • Surabaya Wallcoverings
SURABAYA WALLCOVERINGS Plains and textures with an ethnic twist
  • Phipps Fabrics
PHIPPS FABRICS Our absolute bestselling velvets and cut velvets
  • Moselle Vegetale Fabric
MOSELLE VEGETALE FABRIC Natural and neutral textures in wonderful soft colour harmonies
  • Naturally V Fabrics
NATURALLY V FABRICS Essential looks for the home in neutral natural colours
  • Naturally IV Fabrics
NATURALLY IV FABRICS Essential looks for the home in neutral natural colours
  • Kaori Fabrics
KAORI FABRICS Delicate practically-scaled prints with a restrained eastern touch
  • Amlapura Fabrics
AMLAPURA FABRICS Contemporary ethnic cotton prints
  • Brera Lino Fabrics
BRERA LINO FABRICS An essential plain washed linen for stunning upholstery
  • Contract Essentials Fabrics
CONTRACT ESSENTIALS FABRICS An anthology collection of the most essential contract-ready designs
  • Saraille Fabrics
SARAILLE FABRICS A wide variety of wide-width linen looks
  • Viola Fabrics
VIOLA FABRICS A staggering compilation of our most popular floral printed fabrics
  • Lucente Fabrics
LUCENTE FABRICS A glamorous lustrous fr blackout
  • Savine Wallcoverings
SAVINE WALLCOVERINGS Sensational heavyweight embossed vinyl textures
  • Astrakhan Fabrics
ASTRAKHAN FABRICS Reinventions of traditional themes from damask to botanical
  • Morvern Fabrics
MORVERN FABRICS Purposed for durability and great texture
  • Mezzola Alta Fabrics
MEZZOLA ALTA FABRICS Mezzola reinvented as a high-tech widewidth faux-suede
  • Zambelli Fabrics
ZAMBELLI FABRICS Extraordinary velvets fusing vintage and modern tastes
  • Alexandria Wallcoverings
ALEXANDRIA WALLCOVERINGS Extraordinary shaded damasks and flocks, florals and plaster effects
  • Bressay Fabrics
BRESSAY FABRICS Dynamic weaves for throughout the home
  • Cassia Fabrics
CASSIA FABRICS A luxurious anti-crease velvet collection
  • Zetani Fabrics
ZETANI FABRICS A go-to collection for gorgeous silky taffeta stripes of every colour
  • Canossa Fabrics
CANOSSA FABRICS Unexpected luxury qualities for contract
  • Contarini Wallcoverings
CONTARINI WALLCOVERINGS Understated romantic wallcoverings including muted opalescents
  • Sloane Fabrics
SLOANE FABRICS Robust natural cottons with natural character
  • Savine Fabrics
SAVINE FABRICS Glamorous tie dye
  • Cara Fabrics
CARA FABRICS Functional and fantastic fr weaves, satins and a memory taffeta
  • seraphina fabrics
SERAPHINA FABRICS Printed florals and soft patterns with romance and grace
  • Iona Fabrics
IONA FABRICS Expressive essential weaves from ribbed plains to double sided satin
  • Lavandou Fabrics
LAVANDOU FABRICS Ethereal cotton illustrations and stripes
  • Brera Filato Fabrics
BRERA FILATO FABRICS Dynamic linen essentials in a range of small scale patterns
  • Padua Fabrics
PADUA FABRICS A grand tour of woven intrigue
  • Chinon fabrics
CHINON FABRICS Stunning everyday silk
  • Arizona Fabrics
ARIZONA FABRICS Spirited unusual weaves
  • Pavonia Fabrics
PAVONIA FABRICS Printed floral pageantry
  • Moselle Fabrics
MOSELLE FABRICS Innovative textured weaves
  • Sicilia Fabrics
SICILIA FABRICS Expressive practical weaves
  • Torgiano Fabrics
TORGIANO FABRICS Bravado striped velvet library
  • Castellani Wallcoverings
CASTELLANI WALLCOVERINGS A jewellery box of practical patterns
  • Castellani Fabrics
CASTELLANI FABRICS A jewellers drawer of woven wonders
  • Perreau Fabrics
PERREAU FABRICS Woven delights from ottoman stripes to smart geometric cut velvet
  • Mazan Fabrics
MAZAN FABRICS Wonderful wide-width linens
  • Aviano Fabrics
AVIANO FABRICS Wide-width washable taffetas
  • Brera Wallcoverings
BRERA WALLCOVERINGS Versatile printed wallcoverings
  • Kimono Blossom Fabrics
KIMONO BLOSSOM FABRICS Tasteful painterly prints
  • Country Fabrics
COUNTRY FABRICS Spirited rustic prints
  • Fleuve Fabrics
FLEUVE FABRICS Sparkling stripe and check taffetas
  • Havana Fabrics
HAVANA FABRICS Sophisticated urban prints
  • salerno fabrics
SALERNO FABRICS Scrumptious chenille weaves
  • Brera Quadretto Fabrics
  • Mariedal Fabrics
MARIEDAL FABRICS Powerful digitally recreated pure expressions of flower
  • Kasuri Wallcoverings
KASURI WALLCOVERINGS Beautifully balanced oriental wallcoverings
  • Tickings Fabrics
TICKINGS FABRICS A stripe for all seasons
  • Amelia Fabrics
AMELIA FABRICS A festival of fine silks drawn from across our catalogue
  • Culswick Fabrics
CULSWICK FABRICS Sophisticated urban velvet and wool weaves
  • Arietta Fabrics
ARIETTA FABRICS Silky plain taffetas
  • Glenville Fabrics
GLENVILLE FABRICS Looks antique, lasts forever - a superb range of velvets
  • Panaro Fabrics
PANARO FABRICS Linen-look plains and fine stripes
  • Amrapali Wallcoverings
AMRAPALI WALLCOVERINGS Exotic versatile wallcoverings
  • Amrapali Fabrics
AMRAPALI FABRICS Exotic versatile prints
  • Cesano Fabrics
CESANO FABRICS Designed-for-contract robust velvets
  • Molveno Fabrics
MOLVENO FABRICS Designed-for-contract contemporary designs
  • Cheviot Fabrics
CHEVIOT FABRICS Beautiful wool flannel weaves
  • Naturally III Fabrics
NATURALLY III FABRICS An upholstery anthology of inventive weaves in natural shades
  • Chevenon Trimmings
CHEVENON TRIMMINGS A luxurious library of trims and tiebacks
  • Kasida Fabrics
KASIDA FABRICS A jewelbox of luxurious silks
  • Naturally III Wallcoverings
NATURALLY III WALLCOVERINGS A destination for our most popular designs in neutral colours
  • Around The World Fabrics
AROUND THE WORLD FABRICS Wonderful printed kids designs
  • Around The World Wallcoverings
AROUND THE WORLD WALLCOVERINGS Wonderful decorative designs for childrens walls
  • Piave Fabrics
PIAVE FABRICS Widewidth textured dimouts
  • Trasimeno Fabrics
TRASIMENO FABRICS Striking patterned velvet weaves
  • Oxbridge Wallcoverings
OXBRIDGE WALLCOVERINGS Practical striped wallcoverings
  • Salso Fabrics
SALSO FABRICS Practical plain dyed cotton weaves
  • Borgholm Fabrics
BORGHOLM FABRICS Geometric and striped luxury weaves
  • Miami Fabrics
MIAMI FABRICS Energetic contemporary graphic prints
  • Varese Fabrics
VARESE FABRICS Elegant plain velvet
  • Linnaeus Wallcoverings
LINNAEUS WALLCOVERINGS Elegant designer wallcoverings
  • Brera Rigato Stripe Fabrics
BRERA RIGATO STRIPE FABRICS Durable linen striped weaves
  • Deltona Fabrics
DELTONA FABRICS Crisp stripes and subtle plaster-effect prints
  • Sofienberg Fabrics
SOFIENBERG FABRICS Clasically-inspired modern prints
  • Lauzon Fabrics
LAUZON FABRICS A broad range of widewidth luxury fabrics
  • Allia Fabrics
ALLIA FABRICS 100% chunky plain dyed cottons
  • Brenan Fabrics
BRENAN FABRICS Stylish hi-tech upholstery weaves
  • Campanula Fabrics
CAMPANULA FABRICS Refined traditional beautiful voiles, florals and stripes
  • Zephirine Fabrics
ZEPHIRINE FABRICS Prints from garden grandeur to theatrical hallmarks
  • Nabucco Wallcoverings
NABUCCO WALLCOVERINGS Popular designs from reptilian to geometric
  • Moray Fabrics
MORAY FABRICS Modern blackout fabrics with stylish weave effects
  • Zephirine Wallcoverings
ZEPHIRINE WALLCOVERINGS From garden grandeur to theatrical hallmarks for your walls
  • Bernadini Fabrics
BERNADINI FABRICS Eclectic woven designs and dazzling velvets
  • Nabucco Fabrics
NABUCCO FABRICS Beautiful scaling velvet
  • Trevelyan Fabrics
TREVELYAN FABRICS A library of luxury silks
  • Arno Fabrics
ARNO FABRICS A hard-working contemporary upholstery fabrics
  • Cecilia Fabrics
CECILIA FABRICS Fully-treated fr designs from cut velvets to contemporary geometrics
  • Cassan Fabrics
CASSAN FABRICS Unique textures and small scale patterns
  • Kellas Fabrics
KELLAS FABRICS Smart and eminently practical ottoman satin weaves with subtle glamour
  • pavilion fabrics
PAVILION FABRICS Refined prints of restrained florals and elegant geometrics
  • Brera Alta Fabrics
BRERA ALTA FABRICS Our popular stone-washed plain linen
  • Nantucket Fabrics
NANTUCKET FABRICS Herringbone natural stripes
  • Tiber Fabrics
TIBER FABRICS Glamorous plain satin
  • Nash Wallcoverings
NASH WALLCOVERINGS Chic grasscloth wallcoverings for a unmistakeably natural feel
  • Barcelona Fabrics
BARCELONA FABRICS Bold-spirited contemporary prints with deco flair and attitude
  • Tiana Outdoor Fabrics
TIANA OUTDOOR FABRICS A destination for weather-proofed outdoor fabrics
  • Santiago Fabrics
SANTIAGO FABRICS Widewidth fire-treated sheers and textured upholstery options
  • Cali Fabrics
CALI FABRICS Translucent matt muslin with beautiful drape ideal for curtaining
  • Cascina Fabrics
CASCINA FABRICS Three essential chenille textures including uncrushable velvet
  • Black and White Fabrics
BLACK AND WHITE FABRICS The ultimate book of neutral designs with a singular palette
  • Carlu Wallcoverings
CARLU WALLCOVERINGS Textural, chic, minimal vinyl designs for your wall
  • Darly Fabrics
DARLY FABRICS Printed designs with an edge of decadence, from geometric to flora
  • Quinto Fabrics
QUINTO FABRICS Lustrous wide-width modern sheers
  • Darly Wallcoverings
DARLY WALLCOVERINGS From architectural linear designs to stylish arabesques
  • Valadier Fabrics
VALADIER FABRICS Embroidered graphic florals on silk and refined silk stripes
  • Marinsky Fabrics
MARINSKY FABRICS Broad and exotic prints with chic metallic embellishments
  • roumier fabrics
ROUMIER FABRICS A vivid variety of unique upholstery designs
  • Bilbao Fabrics
BILBAO FABRICS Three versatile shimmering designs
  • Whitewell Fabrics
WHITEWELL FABRICS The graphic stylised english garden reminiscent of the 1930s
  • Adelphi Fabrics
ADELPHI FABRICS Stunning varieties of romantic silk
  • Aurelie Fabrics
AURELIE FABRICS ravishing unique fabrics with classical themes from Yeoward
  • Bassano Fabrics
BASSANO FABRICS Plain woven linen qualities and textures
  • Whitewell Wallcoverings
WHITEWELL WALLCOVERINGS English decorative elegance from florals to minimalist grasscloths
  • Manhattan Fabric
MANHATTAN FABRIC Crisp graphic prints with a very modern and spacious feel
  • Maitland Fabrics
MAITLAND FABRICS An exploration of upholstery textures
  • Rinzu Fabrics
RINZU FABRICS A tweed effect upholstery weave with a subtle lustrous sheen
  • Chambord Fabrics
CHAMBORD FABRICS Shimmering plain silks
  • Arabella Fabrics
ARABELLA FABRICS Printed fabrics designed to exude luxury from silks to pure linens
  • Striato Fabrics
STRIATO FABRICS Plain satin light-restricting blackouts
  • Ruggiero Fabrics
RUGGIERO FABRICS Plain cotton velvets fit for upholstery with textural varieties
  • Aliseda Fabrics
ALISEDA FABRICS Get the silk look and touch with shimmering delicate sheers
  • Milano Fabrics
MILANO FABRICS Fire-treated weaves for curtaining or upholstery
  • Arabella Wallcoverings
ARABELLA WALLCOVERINGS Exquisite floral tracery wallcovering designs with a stencil feel
  • Ariana Fabrics
ARIANA FABRICS Exotic woven and embroidered silks from stripes to bold blooms
  • Monteverdi Fabrics
MONTEVERDI FABRICS Ever-popular velvets with panache perfect for statement upholstery
  • Primrose Hill Fabrics
PRIMROSE HILL FABRICS Quirky stylish prints for children and the young at heart
  • Primrose Hill Wallcoverings
PRIMROSE HILL WALLCOVERINGS bright playful childrens walls ideal for nurseries
  • Orsetti Trimmings
ORSETTI TRIMMINGS A host of options to trim fabrics with character and style
  • Correze Fabrics
CORREZE FABRICS Wide-width linen sheers
  • Florimund Fabrics
FLORIMUND FABRICS Spirited rococo prints in energetic palettes
  • Tsuga Fabrics
TSUGA FABRICS Our essential metallic linen
  • Florimund Wallcoverings
FLORIMUND WALLCOVERINGS Dazzling rococo designs from scrolling metallics to flocks
  • Racine Fabrics
RACINE FABRICS Classical cut velvets
  • Satinato fabric
SATINATO FABRIC A shimmering light-blocking fabric
  • Tsuga Wallcoverings
TSUGA WALLCOVERINGS A library of plain and subtly textured looks for your wall
  • Roquelaire Fabrics
ROQUELAIRE FABRICS A glamorous understated silk collection with an abundance of charm
  • Moyka Fabrics
MOYKA FABRICS Spectacularly coloured opulent jacquard velvets
  • Amalienborg Wallcoverings
AMALIENBORG WALLCOVERINGS Rococo reborn for your walls
  • Amalienborg Fabrics
  • Quarenghi Fabrics
QUARENGHI FABRICS Luxurious classical forms reinterpreted
  • Ferrara Fabrics
FERRARA FABRICS Flame-resistant jacquards and stripes with a bold character
  • Brescia Fabrics
BRESCIA FABRICS Dimple textured upholstery fabric
  • morskaya fabrics
MORSKAYA FABRICS A versatile collection of handsome cut velvets
  • Mezzola Lusso Fabrics
MEZZOLA LUSSO FABRICS A textural robust and washable faux suede
  • Taillandier Fabrics
TAILLANDIER FABRICS A silk collection with stripes at the fore and a few surprises
  • Murano Fabrics
MURANO FABRICS A shimmering silk collection with flavours of classicism
  • Taraz Wallcoverings
TARAZ WALLCOVERINGS Decorative graphic looks for your wall from grandeur to minimalism
  • Oriental Garden Fabrics
ORIENTAL GARDEN FABRICS Graphic sensuality inspired by japanese art and design tradition
  • Ribera Fabrics
RIBERA FABRICS A textured plain chenille weave essential to any interior
  • Shima Fabrics
SHIMA FABRICS A lustrous essential upholstery fabric
  • Indian Summer Fabrics
INDIAN SUMMER FABRICS Favourite print designs revived with a breath of fresh colour
  • Chinaz Fabrics
CHINAZ FABRICS Delightful moire effect woven fabrics for all uses
  • Repino Fabrics
REPINO FABRICS A perfect pairing of cord and nubuck contemporary upholstery fabrics
  • Ruzzini Fabrics
RUZZINI FABRICS Glazed linens, velvets, and handsome weaves trevira conditioned
  • Genova Fabrics
GENOVA FABRICS A perfect pair of plain upholstery chenilles
  • Portobello Fabrics
PORTOBELLO FABRICS A fresh modern medley of prints stripes checks and embroideres
  • Conway Fabrics
CONWAY FABRICS Robust textural pure linen for upholstery
  • Catalan Fabrics
CATALAN FABRICS High durability linen looks for upholstery
  • Rapallo Fabrics
RAPALLO FABRICS A robust soft plain cotton weave in exhaustive colour options
  • Gran Paradiso Fabrics
GRAN PARADISO FABRICS A decadent printed collection inspired by experiences of the alhambra
  • Alba Fabrics
ALBA FABRICS Smart woven plain cotton finished for softness of touch
  • Mezzola Bellusco Fabrics
MEZZOLA BELLUSCO FABRICS Our iconic mezzola faux-suede with added corded textures
  • Lugano Plain Fabrics
LUGANO PLAIN FABRICS An anthology of plain woven flame-retardant designs
  • Ombrione Fabrics
OMBRIONE FABRICS A statement damask cut velvet and supporting stripes and plains
  • Chinon Fabrics
CHINON FABRICS Stunning everyday silk
  • Brera Fabrics
BRERA FABRICS An adored plain linen union, soft, strong, and very versatile
  • Marienlyst Wallcoverings
MARIENLYST WALLCOVERINGS A very patterned and graceful approach to the stylised floral
  • Monticello Fabrics
MONTICELLO FABRICS A contemporary stripe book of tailored linear looks
  • Fredensborg Cut Velvets Fabrics
FREDENSBORG CUT VELVETS FABRICS A broad collection of cut velvets from rococo to stately stripes

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