Hard working fabrics for contract spaces.

At Designers Guild, we understand the Contracts market. We know that whether you are looking for a plain upholstery in a particular shade or a statement print that makes an entrance spectacular; a wide width voile or a flame retardant fabric for curtains -you need to be sure that your choice combines style and quality with extreme durability and performance. Our collections offer the finest quality that meet the rigorous standards you need for contracts and our dedicated customer service team know that the finest products demand the highest level of service.

  • Canzo Fabrics
NEW CANZO FABRICS Glamorous flame retardant, wide width dimout curtain fabrics
  • Monza Fabrics
NEW MONZA FABRICS An inspired collection of wide width flame retardant curtain fabrics
  • Arona FR Fabrics
NEW ARONA FR FABRICS A smooth flame retardant durable velvet with a soft handle
  • Varallo FR Fabrics
NEW VARALLO FR FABRICS A terrific flame retardant Trevira CS velvet with a rich pile
  • Cassano Fabrics
CASSANO FABRICS Subtly textured flame retardant voiles for elegant curtains
  • Maggia Fabrics
MAGGIA FABRICS Distinctive and glamorous glazed linen looks
  • Tweed FR Fabrics
TWEED FR FABRICS Technical upholstery looks with touches of linen or wool
  • Manzoni Fabrics
MANZONI FABRICS A robust washable linen union ideal for upholstery
  • Tiber II Fabrics
TIBER II FABRICS An elegant plain satin
  • Orba Fabrics
ORBA FABRICS Elegant flame retardant, wide width curtain fabrics.
  • Mesilla Fabrics
MESILLA FABRICS A trio of contemporary weave designs
  • Kalahari Fabrics
KALAHARI FABRICS Leather looks, velvets and suede, high performance upholstery
  • Satinato II Fabrics
SATINATO II FABRICS A destination for dimout curtain fabrics
  • Ishida Fabrics
ISHIDA FABRICS A variety of textural and lustrous upholstery weaves
  • Aquarelle FR Voile Fabrics
AQUARELLE FR VOILE FABRICS Shimmering wide-width fire-treated sheers and voiles
  • Lucente Fabrics
LUCENTE FABRICS A glamorous lustrous fr blackout
  • Contract Essentials Fabrics
CONTRACT ESSENTIALS FABRICS An anthology collection of the most essential contract-ready designs
  • Arietta Fabrics
ARIETTA FABRICS Silky plain taffetas
  • Aviano Fabrics
AVIANO FABRICS Wide-width washable taffetas
  • Bassano Fabrics
BASSANO FABRICS Plain woven linen qualities and textures
  • Essentials Black & White Fabrics
ESSENTIALS BLACK & WHITE FABRICS The ultimate book of neutral designs with a singular palette
  • Bolsena Fabrics
BOLSENA FABRICS A versatile collection of weaves and linen looks
  • Bressay Fabrics
BRESSAY FABRICS Dynamic weaves for throughout the home
  • Brera Lino Fabrics
BRERA LINO FABRICS An essential plain washed linen for upholstery, curtains and bedcovers
  • Canossa Fabrics
CANOSSA FABRICS Unexpected luxury qualities for contract
  • Cara Fabrics
CARA FABRICS Functional and fantastic fr weaves, satins and a memory taffeta
  • Cassia Fabrics
CASSIA FABRICS A luxurious anti-crease velvet collection
  • Cecilia Fabrics
CECILIA FABRICS Fully-treated fr designs from cut velvets to contemporary geometrics
  • Cesano Fabrics
CESANO FABRICS Designed-for-contract robust velvets
  • Cheviot Fabrics
CHEVIOT FABRICS Beautiful wool flannel weaves
  • Chinon fabrics
CHINON FABRICS Stunning everyday silk
  • Ferrara Fabrics
FERRARA FABRICS Flame-resistant jacquards and stripes with a bold character
  • Mezzola Alta Fabrics
MEZZOLA ALTA FABRICS Mezzola reinvented as a high-tech widewidth faux-suede
  • Mezzola Fabrics
MEZZOLA FABRICS Popular robust plain faux-suedes for every palette
  • Mezzola Lusso Fabrics
MEZZOLA LUSSO FABRICS A textural robust and washable faux suede
  • Molveno Fabrics
MOLVENO FABRICS Designed-for-contract contemporary designs
  • Milano Fabrics
MILANO FABRICS Fire-treated weaves for curtaining or upholstery
  • Piave Fabrics
PIAVE FABRICS Widewidth textured dimouts
  • Ruzzini Fabrics
RUZZINI FABRICS Glazed linens, velvets, and handsome weaves trevira conditioned
  • Salso Fabrics
SALSO FABRICS Practical plain dyed cotton weaves
  • Santiago Fabrics
SANTIAGO FABRICS Widewidth fire-treated sheers and textured upholstery options
  • Shima Fabrics
SHIMA FABRICS A lustrous essential upholstery fabric
  • Tiber Fabrics
TIBER FABRICS Glamorous plain satin
  • Tsuga Fabrics
TSUGA FABRICS Our essential metallic linen
  • Varese Fabrics
VARESE FABRICS Elegant plain cotton velvet

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