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The World of Designers Guild

Outdoor Style

Outdoor living and lounging:

In this summer weather make the most of your outdoor space and give it its own holiday vibe. Roll out one of our outdoor rugs down to instantly create the perfect space to lounge – easy, practical and effortlessly stylish, they are perfect for lounging. Add a few outdoor cushions and a deckchair or two and your outdoor lounging haven is taking shape. Our terrazzo side tables are perfect to use singly for drinks, or group them together to create a mini serving area for snacks – they also make great additional low seating with a cushion. Have a beach bag with a couple of easy linen throws stationed at your back door so when it’s time to relax, all you have to do is pick it up and go.

Make the most of summer and set the table for outdoor meals to remember. Our range of relaxed tablelinen and tableware in a wide range of colours and designs set an effortlessly stylish table – try layering up the designs with plain shades of your choice add some flowers from the garden (or herbs), some coloured candles and prepare for outdoor dining with a difference.