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DG at Home | Fashion & interiors with Katie Cary of Rogue Matilda

Designers Guild at Home | House Guest Issue

Fashion & interiors entwined with Founder of Rogue Matilda Katie Cary.

It’s no surprise that all of us at Designers Guild adore colour and love nothing more than finding a like-minded brand that celebrates colour as we do.

Rogue Matilda’s shoes are a joy – beautiful quality and craftsmanship with a joyful and spirited approach to colour, pattern and texture. Wearing Rogues makes the everyday something special - What’s not to love?

If you haven’t discovered them yet, then let us introduce you.

How did the story of Rogue Matilda begin?

"RM was born following years of frustration at the inability to find the perfect flat shoe: pumps were unsupportive, trainers unprofessional and traditional brogues unflattering. My aim was to provide a fashionable, well-made, alternative to all this. With added sass. I’ve always believed that style is a unique expression of your personality and the pieces you buy and wear should reflect this rather than just be the same thing everyone else wears."

Your philosophy also echo’s ours in that we are not ‘slaves to trends’ – how do you stay on your own trajectory?

"I think one of the most important things is that my inspiration for the designs comes from a wide range of art and culture rather than looking to other fashion brands for inspiration. We also have functionality at the heart of the brand, as however beautiful a pair of heels are, if they wreck your feet to wear them it’s not worth it. Our latest Spring collection is heavily influenced by nature and florals as it was designed last year in the midst of the first COVID lockdown when I was based in the countryside with Spring in full bloom."

Your unique colour combinations sets your shoes apart – what is the process in pairing the colours and patterns?

"This is the best part of the job! I have a photo album on my phone and scrapbook at home which is chocka block full of interesting colour combinations I’ve found over the years. Sometimes it’s a photo of an outfit, but more often than not it’s a bean can from a Spanish supermarket, a bathroom tile from a restaurant or a flower I’ve stumbled across when I’m out and about that inspires me."

As a fellow colour enthusiast, what does colour mean to you?

"Colour is everything! I cannot imagine living in beige or monochrome and my wardrobe and home reflect this. I’m a firm believer in colours’ ability to affect our mood and lift your spirit. And this can take all sorts of forms in our daily lives: the pink blossom of Spring, the rich purple of a beetroot risotto or the bright coral of a Summer lipstick for example."

How do you translate your love for colour in your home?

"My home is a treasure trove of bits and bobs that I’ve found or discovered over the years. Working on seasonal collections for RM I’m always discovering new and exciting combinations which inevitably end up transferring over to areas of my home. It means that our home is constantly evolving and changing, and the way I get around the cost of this is by doing all the painting and labour myself. I find it incredibly therapeutic and over the years I’ve learnt so many new skills. I’m not sure my husband is of the same opinion though, as in the past I’ve been known to transform his ‘boys room’ into an amazing pink and red scheme while he was at work!"

- Katie Cary, the Founder of Rogue Matilda.

Katie’s top DG products are: Lario Lime Napkins , Rustic Chopping Board & Valetta peacock cushion

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