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Damask - the story behind this famous fabric

This season in the Tapestry Flower collection, we have reinvented the traditional idea of damask into something more contemporary. But what is damask and where did it come from?

Named after the city of Damascus, the fabric was first encountered by Marco Polo on the silk route and introduced to Europe on his return to Venice in 1295. Depending on the colours used, Damask can be two-toned or self-patterned and the pattern is reversible. Though noted for its lustrous finish, it is extremely hard wearing and is formed by the contrast of the shiny warp face and the matt weft face of the resulting fabric.

Still a classic and a luxury fabric for curtains and drapes and an array of other furnishing ideas - a damask style adds instant elegance to your home.

Guerbois – our new take on damask possesses all these qualities but has an artistic modernity too. Printed not woven and painted with a watery brush – the colours blur and smudge into something that feels less formal, more relaxed and perfect for now.