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Vibrant and relaxing

Lush, vibrant relaxing and hopeful, green is the colour that is the most prevalent in the world around us and the colour to which our human eye is most attuned. It is the colour of nature, of growth and vitality and spring. It has been used in decorating for many years for its relaxing qualities but can also be used as a neutral . think if the green in a garden… the sharper more yellow shades of lime tree , mimosa and green melon give a fresher feeling whereas asparagus fern and river reed will lend your space a more traditional air. Green looks wonderful as a foil for stronger colour, crisp and is elegant with the right white or neutral. And don’t forget, other colours and light will have an affect on how the green you choose is perceived so make sure you are using the right tone to get the affect you are after.


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THE GREYS THE GREYS arrow_right Cool dove through to rich charcoal
THE WHITES THE WHITES arrow_right Pure and simple
THE NEUTRALS THE NEUTRALS arrow_right Relaxing and easy
THE AQUAS THE AQUAS arrow_right Uplifting and calm
THE BLUES THE BLUES arrow_right Blue skies and endless oceans
THE GREENS THE GREENS arrow_right Vibrant and relaxing
THE MAUVES THE MAUVES arrow_right Dreamy and romantic
THE PINKS AND REDS THE PINKS AND REDS arrow_right Dramatic and sassy or soft and pretty
THE YELLOWS THE YELLOWS arrow_right Lively and vibrant or soft and poetic

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