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The World of Designers Guild

Dressing your windows

When it comes to decorating your home, choosing the colour palette is just one part of the process – wallpapers and paints , rugs and furniture are all part of the picture but one of the biggest decisions to make is how will you dress your windows? Curtains, blinds or banners? Formal or relaxed? What we use at our window and how we style them adds to the atmosphere we want to create.

Here are a few ideas from our curtain making team at the Designers Guild Store:

Curtains harness a variety in any style, from super relaxed tie headings or simple treatments to extravagant and luxurious swags and tails.

Banners are a contemporary and easy window treatment – simply made, they are tied to curtain rings and hung on a pole - this method means you can change your curtains more regularly and even update your home seasonally as they are relatively inexpensive to make.

For a slightly more formal atmosphere using our printed and patterned fabrics, we recommend single pleat headed curtains as with less pleats and wider spacing, the beauty of our designs can be clearly seen when the curtains are drawn.

We often use a double pleat headings with some of our plain fabrics and especially our famous Varese velvet - the double pleats create movement and an elegant play of light on the lustre of the fabric.

Pinch pleating is a timeless style that adds a point of interest to a curtain and also creates a wonderful movement and drape and works well in classical and contemporary spaces.

Blinds are a great way of using fabric as you generally see the pattern and the design clearly.

Roman blinds offer a practical solution to space saving as well as a modern sleek look and work well for most fabrics unless it is particularly thick.. using a soft draping linen or a voile softens the classic straight lines of a roman blind and creates a more relaxed and fluid style whereas a crisp , sturdy cotton has more structure. For the more contemporary among you - these blinds are a great option.

A fabulous alternative to the sharp lines of roman blinds are Processed voile roller blinds. These stiffen our fabric to create a smart and practical sheer that is also sturdy.

Motorised- Simple battery-operated rollers and romans operated by a remote to fully integrated with your AV system, from leading manufacturers such as Lutron, Silent Gliss and Somfy.

Why not come into one of our stores and meet our friendly and knowledgeable team that would be delighted to assist with your needs.