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The World of Designers Guild

New Collections - Spring/Summer 2023

Our new Ikebana Spring/Summer collections have officially gone live – lets go behind the scenes and be inspired by the ancient arts and artisanal textiles of Japan…

Ikebana, also known as Japanese flower arrangement, is a traditional art form that dates back centuries. It is a way of arranging flowers, branches, leaves and other natural materials to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing display. Ikebana literally means “giving life to flowers” and the goal of this art form is to bring out the beauty and vitality of nature through the use of simple, elegant lines and shapes that is shown through our fabrics and wallpapers.

Ikebana is not just about arranging flowers, but it’s also a meditative and contemplative practise. It requires concentration, discipline, and a deep understanding of the natural world. By practising Ikebana, one can learn to appreciate beauty and simplicity of nature, and to find inner peace and balance. The core soul of Ikebana is heaven, earth and humanity and finding the balance of that.

The art of Ikebana is a collection that is inspired by the simplicity of nature in Japan – a truly beautiful and calming energy that we aim to reflect in your home.